Insulating Sleeve

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Size : Customized
We are introducing an estimable grouping of Insulation Sleeves.
Thermal Specifications: Composition
Duration of 15-20 Mins: 1200 °C
E- Type Fiber: Melts at 1218 °C
Duration of 15-20 Seconds: 1650°C
Average Filament Diameter: 9 micron
Continuous Working Temp: 260°C
Standard Tolerance: 0.8 /- 0.2

Combustibility: Non - Inflammable
Binders: No Binders
Flame Resistance: 7 seconds to flame extinguishment
Abrasion Resistance: Very Good
Effects of Acids and Alkalis: Resistance to acids is fair
Good resistance to most alkalis: Flexibility
Outstanding: Coating
Thick Layer of Extruded Silicon: Rubber with high FE 203 Conternts
Water Oil Resistance: Very Good

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