Heat Resistant Fabric

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Width : Customized
Use Industrial
We manufactured from E- Glass Fibre Glass Yarn on shuttle less weaving machines , with the help of high skilled technician operators. Our range of products varies from 1.7 mil (.043 mm ) thick to 40 mil (1 mm) thick width up to 1250 mm.


High tensile strength
High heat resistance
High Dimesnsional Stability
Fire resistance
Good thermal conductivity
Good chemical resistance
Outstanding electrical properties
Environment friendly
Sound insulation
Good filtration performance
Used as the bindings of boiler for electrical machinery and appliances.

Applications :

Backing material for Electrical Insulating Tapes.
Thermal Insulation.
Reinforcement material for Polyester resins and Phenolic resins.
Aluminium Filtration.
Reinforcement for water proofing.
Sound and heat protection
PCB Board for computer
Basic cloth for coatings and laminations

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